It is the silence, the fresh breeze tingling against your skin and simultaneously the sun keeping you warm enough to truly be present, as you explore the astonishing views of the velvety Namib Desert on a Fat Bike. The Fat Bike tours on offer are unique, as no noise or air pollution is caused. And they leave shallower tracks than footprints would, which makes them an ecological way to explore the delicate desert.

If you are an adventure enthusiast making your way to Swakopmund soon, this is a MUST do with three various tours to choose from.


Scenic Desert tour
This tour requires a minimum of two people for two hours. It offers the chance to experience the remarkable scenery of the oldest desert and riding on top of the various dunes.

Old city Swakopmund
This tour requires a minimum of four people for two hours. It offers the prospect of revelling in this historic town, riding through the city, visiting historic buildings and landmarks.

Low-tide Beach Cruise
This tour requires a minimum of four people for two hours. It offers the opportunity to explore the town centre of the city while casually riding down along the beach. It is the perfect way to experience this beautiful town. – This tour is only offered during the low-tide period.

So, book your desired tour when planning a stay at The Delight Swakopmund.

Swakopmund Fat Bike Tours
Swakopmund Fat Bike Tours

6 Hendrik Witbooi Street
Opposite Hansa Hotel

Tel: +264 (0)81 395 5813


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