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Henry Loubser

Handle fish with care and respect

Passionate angler Henry Loubser has conducted angling safaris for 30 years. Fish, especially Namibia’s surf species, are near and dear to the former electrician who worked at the Rössing Uranium Mine. He...
Types of Bicycles

Types of Bicycles

If you yearn to discover the wildlife and remarkable landscapes of Namibia from the comfort of your bike with your friends and family… Then CYMOT has got you covered. The necessary bicycle that suits...
Photography equipment

Camera Gear & Accessories

While you enjoy your adventure in Namibia and you seem to be in need of camera equipment or just simply need to dust off that lens after your previous holiday, Nitzsche Reiter will have...
Camping Equipment

Camping Equipment

The advancement of technology has definitely made camping easier for everyone. Preparation is therefore essential for that upcoming camping adventure in Namibia, and having those necessary supplies and equipment can make your experience worthwhile...
Hiking Gear

Essential Hiking Gear

Are you embarking on your very first hike? If yes, here are important gear needed when hiking the Klipspringer Trail that you can purchase at CYMOT: A daypack for carrying 6 to 8 kilograms water...