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Fish stocks at risk – nets need to be banned

Fishing Resources
Legal and illegal networks are threatening the fish stocks in Namibia’s rivers and reservoirs. There are regulatory laws, but control is lacking. Sport fishermen...

Handle fish with care and respect

Henry Loubser
Passionate angler Henry Loubser has conducted angling safaris for 30 years. Fish, especially Namibia’s surf species, are near and dear to the...

Handle undersize fish with care

Handle undersize fish with care
Holiday time! Fun, joy and fishing on the beach! Every year thousands of Namibians and visitors from neighbouring countries visit the coastal towns of...

Private sector pays for communal fish wardens

Fish Wardens
Fish wardens of the Sikunga Conservancy pulled an illegal net containing 341 fish from a tributary of the Zambezi in September this year (2018)....

Memories of Meob Bay

Memories of Meob Bay
Growing up along the Transkei coast in South Africa, and having a father and grandfather who were keen fishermen, and a great grandfather who...

Otoliths help to determine species and age

Stones in the head of a fish – is that possible? Some anglers are aware of stones, or otoliths, in the head of the...

How to catch freshwater fish in Namibia

Freshwater fishing tips
You are on your way to the Zambezi or tiger fish Mecca as they call it, for some action along the river banks. Your...

Fishing Gear & Tackle