Watching and studying birds in nature is enlightening and refreshes the soul, especially for those that are enthusiastic about bird watching. The most important thing that you will need for birdwatching is definitely attentive eyes and ears, and while your interest develops, so will your collection of helpful resources.

Here are a few helpful tips for your birdwatching adventure:

A good field guide

Although the internet could perhaps give you all the answers you require, it is always important that you glean from a well-informed guide of that specific area, when going on a game drive or boat cruise.


You should definitely invest in a good pair of binoculars because they allow you to have a clearer and detailed view of the birds, without moving closer to them and causing any obstruction. When choosing your binoculars, take note of its style, size, magnification, field of view, optical quality and your budget.


Take along a notebook with a pen/pencil to write notes regarding information on birds from the guide as they mention it. These notes do allow you to learn how to easily identify the birds the next time you spot them.

Guide books

Invest in a birding guide book because it will contain the necessary specifics on birds in order to assist you in identifying them with ease when you finally visit Namibia for your birding adventure.

Bird Photography

Brush off those photographic skills before your birding adventure, do research on birding photography and learn how to use the different DSLR or Compact Camera settings beforehand, in order to avoid missing out on a breathtaking shot.

Remember you learn more on what you will need with every birding experience, so take time live, in the moment and enjoy it.


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